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We offer customized RF terminators which are available with 7/16 DIN, BMA, BNC, MCX, N, SMA, SMB, SMC, SMP, TNC, UHF connectors, etc.
Fotias’ RF terminators include standard feed thru load and rf load versions with male, female, jack and plug genders.
We provide coaxial RF terminators in 50 Ohm (67 Ohm and 75 Ohm available upon request) impedance. Our RF terminators have a maximum VSWR between 1.3 and bodies are constructed of aluminum, aluminum alloy or brass.


RF coupler from Fotias covers up to 6 GHz frequency range. Directional couplers we provide have a 50 Ohm impedance and are manufactured with various connector types including SMA and N.
The couple values we offer are from 6 dB to 10 dB. Customized frequency and gain up to 12 GHz and 30 dB will be possible upon request. The maximum power can be up to 600 Watts.


150W RF Terminator


6dB/10dB Directional Coupler