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FOTIAS BluightTM Microduct offers a broad range of products to meet many different deployment scenarios facing global telecom carriers. The products are designed to enable carriers to bring fiber optic service to business and residential customers with greater speed and efficiency while dramatically reducing carrier deployment costs and disruption to existing roadways and landscaping.


Diagram Sample

Microduct Accessories

Lead time : 1•4 Weeks (with microduct shipment)

Microduct Configuration

Lead time : 14 Weeks by Boat

Aerial Splicing Closure

Lead time : 6 weeks by Air / 12 weeks by boat

Dome Closure

Heat Shrink Sealing Type

Micro cable

Lead time : TBA

Outdoor Termination BOX

Lead time : 6 weeks by Air / 12 weeks by boat

Splitter-1*N Mini Hard Case with SC/APC, LC/APC

Lead time : 6 weeks by Air