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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is currently considered as the next generation communication media after TV, internet and mobile. Nowadays, a scale-up display enables a variety of aspects of advertisement. This large scale display draws attention among people and is connected with a centrally controlled PC or server through internet, thus it can publish advertisement whenever and whatever customers desire. This system now expands its horizon to public domains, subways, bus stops, even interior retail stores. Recently, customizing the contents and even the software according to customers’ needs becomes one of the mainstream applications.

All in one solution for
Content and Device

  • Web based intuitive UI
  • Light and fast
  • Supported Platforms
    – Windows
    – Linux
    – Android

Fotias’s digital signage solution copes with various customers’ needs and provides software platform that can be modified and expanded according to their requests. The maintenance of the system can be automated and centralized using Smart Signage Management System which can save a lot of expenses. This is possible through remote internet connection, which eliminates the necessity of engineers’ visit with the stores. Fotias’ digital signage management system consists of:

  • Provide digital signage devices including monitors and control hardware (SOC or Raspberry PI)
  • Digital menu board services: satisfies both customers and administrators
  • Remote management: signage devices can be managed remotely (Agent and Admin Console)
  • Targeted advertisement creation: a marketing and promotion tool
  • Scalable and Cost-effective