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Data Management


Fotias leads the data world and transform the power of data into the most efficient and simple end user experience. Our data management solution can be a valuable tool for banking & finance, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics, government, medical and many more. In addition to data management system, we offer innovative solutions for data governance, big data analytics and omni-channel digital marketing, IOT service, data warehouse and BI Data Integration, Fraud Detection, etc.
Our data management and governance solution provides high speed date transfers, more responsivity, and more efficient historical search and analysis. The solution also provides complete control on data flow and transformation easily and efficiently by maintaining high privacy, security, and organization. Our solution architecture implements role-based admin for easy maintenance and administration, which clearly defines roles and capabilities across the organization. This enables easy setup and business rules and policy can be implemented with high efficiency. Fotias’ solution can update data in real time with high accuracy in data uniformity across organization. Thus, flawless integration, smooth facilitation, and efficient data propagation are possible.






Fotias’ new enterprise data platform with data governance framework as an architectural solution, named TeraONE™, provides augmented, unified, and optimized DW for big data that enables customers manage all data in super efficient way.

Data transaction service
and Data Security

  • Data Product Management: data governance, data flow management
  • Data Exchange: Sale/purchase and billing
  • Data Analysis: Big data analytics, analytics implementation infrastructure
  • Data Value Evaluation: Data quality evaluation and use reviews
  • Detects and blocks unauthorized AP and clients, notifies an admin automatically
  • Protects wireless network safely from various hacking attacks