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Fotias’ antennas have two types:
sector antenna and in-building antenna.

The sector antennas, as a directional antenna for outdoor applications, are appropriate and often used for base stations and can be seen on cell phone towers.

Fotias’ sector antennas are available for multiple bands such as 703-803 MHz, 3300-3700 MHz, etc., depending on the types of bands.

Depending on the sector antenna, Fotias’ sector antennas offer gain performance from 10.5 dBi to 20.5 dBi. All connector types and parts can be customized according to customer’s requirement.

We also provide you with in-building antenna needs which can cover from cellular and PCS to multiband and Wi-Fi. To add spot coverage in high-traffic areas, we offer a family of in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS), mounting hardware and accessories that enhance wireless coverage.

Our DAS antennas are as effective in difficult-to-cover areas as they are in parking garages, stadiums, airports and shopping malls.

Our antennas can cover multi band single polarization at as low as 600 MHz up to 6 GHz. Features include compact design, low passive intermodulation (PIM), and wide band coverage.

We supply both omni- and uni-directional antennas.